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In the woods of Pärnu County it is possible to shoot with a gun and with a camera.

The woods are rich in species and you may encounter a roe-deer, wild boar, moose, red deer, brown bear, lynx, wolf and beaver.

You will be accommodated in the historic centrally-located hotel Victoria in Pärnu from which outings to the woods of Pärnu County for hunting trips are organised. The most preferred hunt is for moose but wild boar and billygoat are also popular.

Hunting seasons in Estonia:

  • Moose 15 September - 15 December
  • Wild boar all year round
  • Red deer 1 September - 31 January
  • Roe deer 1 June - 30 September

To hunt in Estonia you must possess:

  • a hunting gun
  • a firearms licence
  • a hunting certificate
  • a valid shooting test certificate for big game

The package is composed based on your requests and the price is formed on the basis thereof. Send us an enquiry ...

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