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Pärnu, the best known Estonian resort, is more than just a summer city. It is also a place for conferences, theatre performances and concerts. Besides being a resort, Pärnu is also a Hanseatic city, a harbour city and a university city.

However, the sleepy rhythm of Pärnu changes completely when the flag of the Estonian summer capital starts flying high on the summer equinox – life on the beach, dozens of festivals, night clubs and the big party crowd that have moved here.

The city regains its sleepy atmosphere in autumn. Only students and schoolchildren can disturb this peace. Many people prefer this quiet Estonia resort Pärnu and spend an autumn weekend here...

When there is snow and ice, the yachts on the bay are replaced by ice-yachts and some skaters.

It is hard to say why, but Pärnu seems to have more Christmas spirit in December than many other places. All these bright wreaths of lights that decorate the streets and the glow of Christmas trees...

Sunny greetings to all of you from Estonia resort Pärnu!